Dr Judy Moore is Course Consultant for the Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling. She also supervises MA and PhD students in Counselling and Focusing.

Judy Moore was Director of the University Counselling Service from 1998- 2013 and Director of the Centre for Counselling Studies from 2003- 2011. During the 1990s she taught on the UEA Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling and subsequently on the Diploma in Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy (currently replaced by the Certificate in Focusing).

Judy Moore was Chair of the Organising Committee for PCE2008, the 8th World Conference of the World Association for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling which took place at UEA from July 6-10 2008. She was also actively involved in the organisation of several other conferences that took place at UEA between 2003 and 2011.

She is a BACP Senior Accredited Practitioner and a Certifying Coordinator of the Focusing Institute, New York. 



All Publications

Moore, J., Roberts, R.


'Counselling in Higher Education',

in Counselling and Psychotherapy in Organisational Settings.

Learning Matters

pp. 47-69

UEA Repository



moore, J., Roberts, R.


Introduction to 'Counselling and Psychotherapy in Organisational Settings',

in Counselling and Psychotherapy in Organisational Settings.

Learning Matters

UEA Repository



Key Research Interests


2009-13: Research at the University Counselling Service based on CORE (Clinical Outcome Routine Evaluation), other qualitative and quantitative measures and the recording of client sessions, part-funded by a UEA Teaching Fellowship, held with Kathleen Lane. Findings were disseminated internally through the Counselling Service Student Annual Report and externally at the BACP Research Conference (Edinburgh, May 2012) and at the Conference for the World Association of Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (Antwerp, July 2012).

Doctoral students

Dr. Judy Moore has supervised many doctoral students, whose topics include: the impact of Person-Centred Counselling in Syria; the impact of Person-Centred Counselling in Qatar; a qualitative exploration of a sense of the sense of ‘belonging’; Person-Centred Expressive Therapy in Japan; an investigation through their own narrative of the experience of trainees as they progress through counsellor training; self and ‘no-self’ in the counselling relationship; Focusing with music.



Books Edited
Counselling and Psychotherapy in Organisational Settings (2010) co-edited with Ruth Roberts.  Exeter: Learning Matters (including co-authored chapter on Higher Education)

Spirituality and Counselling: Experiential and Theoretical Perspectives (2006) co-edited with Campbell Purton.   Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books

Articles/ Chapters

'Focusing’ and ‘experiencing’: Gendlin’s early contribution to client-centred theory and its implications for practice in Lago, C. and Charura, D. (2016) Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy: Origins, Developments and Contemporary Applications.  Milton Keynes: Open University Press

New Ways of Processing Experience: How to Work with Structure Bound Processes (with Christiane Geiser) in Madison, G.  (2014) Theory and Practice of Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy: Beyond the Talking Cure.  London: Jessica Kingsley

Giving ‘a face’ to the university: the value of an embedded counselling service (with Kathleen Lane) (November 2012) London: AUCC Journal, pp. 19-23

Non-directive Counseling in Islamic Culture in the Middle East explored through the work of one Muslim Person-Centred Counselor in the State of Qatar (with Aisha Al-Thani) Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies (August 2012) vol 11 issue 3, pp. 190-204

Mindfulness and the Person-Centred Approach (with Alison Shoemark) in The Human Being Fully Alive (2010), edited by Jeff Leonardi.  Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books

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Teaching Interests

Dr. Judy Moore teaches on Wholebody and Biospiritual Focusing on the Postgraduate Certificate in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy.