Helen taught physics and science in Hertfordshire and northeast London for 17 years, and was a Head of Science in two schools, before moving into teacher education in 2010, as a Lecturer in Science Education at King’s College London.  She moved to the University of East Anglia in 2014, working as a Lecturer in Secondary Education on the science PGCE course.

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Gourlay, H.


Learning about A level physics students’ understandings of particle physics using concept mapping,

in Physics Education



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Gourlay, H., Dillon, J.


特集 科学教師教育,

in Journal of Science Education in Japan



pp. 88-98

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Key Research Interests

Helen is a member of the Research in Mathematics Education (RME) group, which encompasses her research interests in science education. 


Dillon, J. & Gourlay, H. (2013) ‘Research and Trends on Science Teacher Education in England’, J Sci Ed in Japan, Vol. 37 No. 2 (2013), 88-98.

Teaching Interests

Helen’s main teaching commitment is as a science (physics specialist) PGCE lecturer.  She is also a member of the Professional Development (PD) teaching team for the secondary PGCE programme.