Improving engagement, pedagogy and classroom management Improving engagement, pedagogy and classroom management

Research within this group, led by Haydn, is broadly focused around the areas of (i) improving the engagement of young people with education, (ii) pedagogy and classroom management and (iii) ICT in the classroom.

Training and Development Agency (formally Teacher Training Agency)

Members of the group have been very successful in recent years in securing a number of awards for funded research from the Training and Development Agency to pursue research related teaching and learning issues.

Creative Partnerships

Members of the group were successful in being awarded funding for a number of projects by Creative Partnerships (Norfolk). The Creative Partnerships network is a national organisation organised by the Arts Council and funded by the DfES ( Whilst each project has a different focus, covering both primary and secondary age phases and a range of curriculum areas, all projects were based on the idea of creating Action Research networks to promote innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning in school subjects.

Becta (British Educational Communications Technology Agency)

Two members of the group were awarded a Becta Research Bursary to identify the key factors which promote trainee teachers' use of ICT in subject teaching: Executive Summary (pdf 8.15 KB).

Centre for British Teachers (CfBT)

A member of the group was awarded funding from the CfBT for a project focussing on the KS3 Strategy. This resulted in a number of school based projects focusing on developing the use of plenaries in lessons. University based staff, mentors and student teachers collaborated to develop classroom practice relating to building on pupils' prior knowledge through the planning and delivery of lessons which focused on strengthening planning for plenaries. 

Developing Mentoring Skills - Primary Modern Languages

A Partnership Development School Project funded by the Training and Development Agency.

A member of the group along with a school partner gained funding from the TDA to support the development of mentoring skills with primary school mentors working specifically with Primary Modern Languages PGCE students. The project ran over a period of two years. 


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