Fabio Aricò is a Senior Lecturer in Macroeconomics. He studied at the University of Pavia (Italy) and continued his postgraduate education at the University of Warwick, where he was awarded his MSc and PhD in Economics as well as a Postgraduate Award in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Prior to joining UEA, Fabio worked as Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick, as Visiting Professor at Vanderbilt University, and as a Lecturer at the University of St Andrews where he currently holds a position as Honorary Research Fellow. Fabio is a labour economist and his current research interests are focused on Higher Education Economics and on issues in the coordination between the demand and the supply of skills in the labour market.

For more information about Fabio, please go to his personal website.

All Publications

Arico, F.


Promoting Active Learning Through Peer-Instruction and Self-Assessment: A Toolkit to Design, Support and Evaluate Teaching

in Educational Developments

pp. 15-18

UEA Repository


Webb, R., Watson, D., Cook, S., Arico, F.


Graduate views on access to higher education: is it really a case of pulling up the ladder?

in Studies in Higher Education

Full Text UEA Repository


Watson, D., Cook, S., Arico, F.


Death of the pedagogue: pluralism and non-didacticism

in International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education


pp. 242-255

Full Text UEA Repository


Arico, F., Stein, U.


Was Short-Time Work a Miracle Cure During the Great Recession? The Case of Germany and Italy

in Comparative Economic Studies


pp. 275-297

Full Text UEA Repository


Arico, F.


Growth and Unemployment: Towards a Theoretical Integration

in Journal of Economic Surveys


pp. 419-455

UEA Repository