Ninth Annual Student Essay Competition Ninth Annual Student Essay Competition

The prize for each best essay is £1,000:

1.            Best Essay of first year undergraduate students: £1,000

2.            Best Essay of second year undergraduate students: £1,000

3.            Best Essay of third year undergraduate students: £1,000

4.            Best Essay for postgraduate taught students: £1,000

5.            Best Essay for postgraduate research students: £1,000

Prizes are also available for runners-up.

Students are invited to submit an essay (1500-3000 words) based on one of the following topics:

  1.  “Up to 30% of UK jobs could be at risk of automation by the early 2030’s” - PWC, 2017.
    Discuss the consequences of the proliferation of artificial intelligence on the UK economy.

  2. “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.” - Bill Gates
    “It doesn't make sense. This thing is not regulated. It's not under control…. I think it's going to implode.” - Warren Buffett.
    Analyse both points of view and discuss the significance of cryptocurrencies in the modern economy and their role in the future.

  3. ‘Homelessness in the UK has risen by 132 per cent since 2010’- Crisis, The Homeless Monitor 2017. 
    Identify the structural causes that may have contributed to these changes.

  4. Consider the success of creative entrepreneurship, such as Ecosia or The One Brand.
    Will private enterprise replace government intervention in addressing developmental problems?

  5. Would a hard Brexit or soft Brexit be the optimal outcome for the EU and the UK?

Submission Deadline:  4.00pm on Friday 9th March 2018


Please submit your essay, as a word document, by email to Shiona Brereton (  For any queries, please contact the Academic Editor of the NEP, Dr Jibonayan Raychaudhuri (

Winning essays will be published on-line in the Norwich Economics Papers.


Other rules and conditions:

Only students in a degree offered by the School of Economics at the University of East Anglia ('the School' in what follows) are eligible to apply.

Joint submissions are possible, but please note that, if students belong to different academic years, the essay will automatically be considered only for the category of the most academically senior student in terms of academic progression in their UEA Economics studies.  In case of a prize being awarded to a jointly produced essay, the prize will be split equally among the winners.

Students need to hold copyrights of the essays when submitting them to the School for the competition.

On submission of the essay, students agree to surrender to the School the copyrights of the essay, inclusive of the rights to submit the essay for plagiarism inspection and to publish the essay online.

The School may publish online in Norwich Economic Papers more essays than those to whom a prize is offered.

Each student can submit only one essay.  Members of the Editorial Board are not permitted to submit an essay.

Essays should be in English and should be submitted electronically.

The School reserves the right not to award prizes if essays of insufficient quality, and/or inappropriate for online publication on the University website, are submitted.