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Dr Fabio Arico receives National Teaching Fellowship award

We are thrilled that Dr Fabio Aricò, our new Director of Learning and Teaching, has just won a National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) award!

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme is managed by the Higher Education Academy (HEA). It recognises achievements and celebrates individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student learning and the teaching profession. The NTF award is considered to be the most prestigious learning and teaching excellence recognition in the British Higher Education sector, and it is highly regarded internationally.

Fabio will be presented with his award in London in November. He will also join the Association of National Teaching Fellows, a community of most respected educators and practitioners in the sector. Fabio says:

“I am delighted to have marked this achievement in my career, a NTF award is every teacher’s dream. I am also thankful to the University and all colleagues who supported me during this process and made this possible. The School of Economics is thriving, delivering the most exciting, engaging, and enriching learning and teaching experience for all its students. My teaching excellence reflects the School’s excellence. I work with a group of fantastic colleagues, and our partnership with the student body is our best asset. With the University of East Anglia being so committed to support innovative teaching and a personalised student experience, I will take pride in representing our institution within the National Teaching Fellows community.”

Fabio won his award participating in a highly competitive selection process, where he demonstrated his excellence at: (i) developing innovative, engaging, and inclusive teaching, (ii) promoting excellence and building his reputation nationally and internationally, and (iii) supporting the personal development of his colleagues as well as his own.

“My teaching philosophy is grounded on the principle that students should develop academic self-efficacy, defined as student confidence in performing academic tasks, and achieving academic goals. I created a learning environment where academic self-efficacy is considered as a learning outcome in its own right. My innovative contribution is the emphasis on developing students’ self-assessment skills, as means to gain confidence in future performances. I was able to demonstrate that, when using the right teaching method, students can learn how to appraise their own performance and find ways to improve. My empirical analysis also confirms that students can be very effective at teaching, supporting, and learning from each other.”

In the academic year 2017-18, Fabio will continue to deliver active-learning sessions for Introductory Macroeconomics first year students. He will also teach on a new module on History of Economic Thought for second and third year students.