Ethics Procedures and Forms Ethics Procedures and Forms

Research Ethics in the School of Economics

All staff, postgraduate, and undergraduate students in the School of Economics undertaking research involving human participants or data which contains personal identification information must obtain approval from the ECO Ethics Committee before beginning research.  

The Committee 

The Chair for the ECO Ethics Committee is currently David Hugh-Jones. The Deputy Chair position is held by Anders Poulsen (ECO). The other committee members are:

  • Piers Fleming (PSY)

  • Paul Gorny (ECO)

  • Gina Neff (SSF)

  • Philomena Bacon (ECO)

Submitting a project for review

The School of Economics provides a two-stage process for reviewing research projects for possible ethical concerns.

  1. There is an initial checklist review form, which provides a first assessment of whether there are risks or concerns which require closer scrutiny.  In the first instance, the researcher should begin by preparing this form. For projects which post minimal chance of risk, such as laboratory experiments involving standard protocols, incentivisation schemes, and the like, the Committee may be able to give clearance based on this initial checklist form.

  2. For projects where one or more potential risks or issues indicate more careful consideration is required, there is a full review form, which provides the researcher an opportunity to document more fully the issues and how the design of the research project will address or mitigate them.