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Religion, Identity and Violence in Kaduna State

DEV Key Contact: Colette Harris
Project Dates: 2008 - 2011
Project Status: Complete



This study aimed to develop new concepts in the study of the social relations of religion by exploring how historically and socio-politically situated constructions of religion impact on the formation of gender identities and the significance of this for participation in violence. We examined links between violence at community, household and state level.

Through carrying out participatory action research with community members and religious leaders we supported the development of tools for influencing behaviour leading to changes in gender identities, everyday practices, and violence. More on the project.


Colette Harris

Selected Outputs

Harris, Colette 'Masculinities and religion in Kaduna, Nigeria: a struggle for continuity at a time of change',Journal of Religion and Gender, special issue on ‘Religion and Masculinities: Continuities and Change', 2012, 2-2.

Harris, Colette 'Community-based pedagogies, religion and conflict resolution in Kaduna, Nigeria', in Lee Marsden (ed.), Ashgate Research Companion on Religion and Conflict Resolution, Farnham: Ashgate Publishing ( 2012)

Harris, Colette ‘Working with young Christian and Muslim men on community-based pedagogies for violence reduction and social change in Kaduna, Nigeria', in Linda Woodhead (ed), How to Research Religion: Putting Methods Into Practice, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2013).

Abah, O. S., Kafewo, S. and Ayegba, M. 'Building Communities: Theatre for Development (TFD) and Participatory Video (PV) as tools in Transformative Education for conflict prevention in Kaduna State', Paper presented at the IFRA-IDR Conference on ‘Conflict & Violence in Nigeria' 
Download Abah et al conference abstract (293 KB pdf)

Community education for violence prevention, Kaduna    Download policy briefing on community education for violence prevention (293 KB pdf)
(written by C. Harris and O. S. Abah)