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Climate Change, Hydro-conflicts and Human Security

2010 - 2012
Project Status: Completed

Funded by:
Seventh Framework Programme

The CLICO project is a collaborative project funded under the EU Framework 7 programme which explores the ways in which different hydro-climatic (water related) hazards, and the vulnerability and adaptive capacity of societies interact to stimulate conflict and/or cooperation and human insecurity.

The three year project involves a collaboration between fourteen research teams from Europe, North Africa, the Sahel and the Middle East that bring together some of the world’s leading researchers in water resources, vulnerability, conflict, peace and security studies who are working together in a trans-disciplinary fashion.

The CLICO project investigates what types of policies and institutions are necessary to ensure adaptation, security and peace in the face if global and regional hydro-climatic change. Eleven cases of water related conflicts and human insecurity are studied including studies in Italy, Spain, Morocco, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Niger. The UEA research team have been working on the conceptual framework for the CLICO project and also on the Ethiopia case study and a study of indicators of adaptive capacity in transboundary river basins. 


Partner Organisations:

Autonomous University of Barcelona

University of East Anglia

Ecologic Institute

University of Sussex

United Nations University

The Cyprus Institute

Palestinian Hydrology Group

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Centre of Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF)

Addis Ababa University

Israeli-Palestinian Science Organisation

International Peace Research Institute


DEV Key Contact:

Marisa Goulden


Selected Output:

Milman, A., and Arsano, Y., 2013, ‘Climate Adaptation in Highly Vulnerable Regions: The Politics of Human Security in Gambella, Ethiopia’, Global Environmental Change, 29:349-359

Goulden, M.C., and Grainger, S., 2012, ‘Integrated Theory of Hydro-Climatic Security’, CLICO Working Paper No.13

Milman, A., Bunclark, L., Conway, D., and Adger, W.N., 2012, ‘Preparedness of Transboundary River Basins for Climate Change’, CLICO and Tyndall Working Paper


Project Website: