Academic Background

Donard de Cogan has a First Class degree in physical chemistry, a Ph.D. in solid state physics and post-doctoral experience in electronic materials and semiconductor devices. He has industrial experience in power semiconductors with Phillips and has worked at Trinity College Dublin, Nijmegen, Birmingham and Nottingham Universities.

Key Research Interests

Donard's research interests include solid-state materials, failure modes in electrical/electronic devices, non-linear modelling in electronic components and systems. To assist in this latter area he has developed algorithms using the Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) method. At UEA Norwich he leads the Modelling sub group of the Mathematical Algorithms Group which studies the properties and applications of TLM and other numerical methods. Donard is IEE Membership Advisor for Norfolk and a Member of IEE Education Committee.

Donard is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Numerical Modelling and is the book review editor for that Journal. He is also the editor for the Gordon and Breach monograph series on Electrocomponent Science. If you have book proposals in this area please send them to him at the email address on this profile.