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CMP New Funding Success

Prof Elena Kulinskaya (PI) with Prof Julia Koricheva (RHUL) and Dr Gillian Petrokofsky (Oxford) have been successful in the NERC 2017 Evidence Synthesis Training Pilot Scheme call.

The proposed training initiative targets two important gaps in evidence synthesis training available to early career environmental scientists in the UK: the lack of training in statistical aspects of research synthesis (meta-analysis) which often leads to poor quality reviews, and insufficient stakeholder engagement during review preparation, which reduces the usefulness of produced synthesis for policy making and management.

The training course will be based on the successful course 'Systematic review and meta-analysis for environmental sciences', which has been funded 4 times by NERC ATSC scheme, and delivered at RHUL and UEA in 2015-2017. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only course available to early career environmental scientists in the UK which includes training in meta-analysis in addition to systematic review training.

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