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Prof Andy Cammidge awarded the Hilsum Medal

CHE's Professor Andy Cammidge has been awarded the Hilsum Medal for his independent contributions to liquid crystal science and technology.  The C. Hilsum Medal is awarded from time to time to members of the British Liquid Crystal Society, normally working in the UK. It was first awarded in 2006 to recognise the key role played by Cyril Hilsum, Head of the Malvern Displays Group, in the development of liquid crystal materials and displays

The award recognises Professor Cammidge’s contributions in the area of Discotic Liquid Crystals, and particularly the chemistry of triphenylenes and phthalocyanines, and was presented to him at the combined annual conference of the British and German Liquid Crystal societies in Edinburgh last week (21-23 March) after he had given the plenary lecture. 

Prof Cammidge said "I am delighted to receive this award in recognition of my group’s contribution to liquid crystal science. In particular I’d like to thank my talented research students and co-workers who have been instrumental in achieving our research breakthroughs."

Prof Andy Cammidge