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CHE undergraduates field visit

Nine undergraduate students from UEA – a mixture of 2nd, 3rd and 4th years – visited Briar Chemicals with Dr Tharin Blumenschein on 5th May. The visit included a guided tour of the different areas of Briar, with explanations of the different activities involved. They saw a control room, in which different processes are controlled remotely;  large reaction vessels where the different steps for synthesising products and recycling reagents take place, and the analytical laboratory, where samples are analysed regularly to ensure that the effluents are safe to be discharged.

The tour was followed by a talk and a question-and-answer session with chemists at Briar, who talked about their daily work routines, and how they ended up at their jobs. Overall, a very interesting, informative, and entertaining day!

Students on site at Briar Chemicals

Students on site at Briar Chemicals