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CHE shortlisted for award

Prof Lancaster and colleagues from the School of Chemistry and Turning Technologies will be waiting with baited breath at the e-Assessment Association awards dinner in London next Wednesday night. The school has been shortlisted for its innovative use of student clickers and smartphone apps to embed active learning in the lecture theatre experience. “We are delighted to have been shortlisted for this international award from the e-Assessment Association. We seek to prepare our students for high-stakes summative examinations through taking every opportunity to introduce assessment for learning into our teaching. When probing conceptual questions are posed, to explore the idea just taught in a lecture, formative assessment becomes indistinguishable from the teaching, which is exactly how it should be.” said Prof Lancaster. “Just being short-listed is a huge honour and we are one of only two mainstream universities to appear on the shortlist for any of the association’s awards.” He continued. We wish them well on Wednesday!

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