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CHE and PHA nominated in Transforming Education Awards

Nominations are now in for the Transforming Education Awards.  There were over 250 nominations received by our students to celebrate the hard work that their academic staff contributed to their education this year. A panel of students was convened to decide on who would be shortlisted and decide the winners of the awards. All shortlisted nominees will be invited to the Transforming Education Awards in May where the winners will be announced.

You can view the full list of nominees here.  CHE and PHA faculty are amongst the nominees:

Advisor of the Year Award Shortlist
Anna-Marie Fuller (CHE)

Students stated that Anna has been a constant source of support without judgment when students are facing physical or mental health difficulties. Her advice has been honest, but helpful linking to procedures or revision techniques. She's also helped individuals when facing difficulties regarding deadlines and workload, and has helped to have a module deadline to be moved when she felt it was poorly placed for all students.

Simon Lancaster (CHE)

Simon has been nominated by his students due to his tireless and dedicated work in the role of advisor. In times of difficulty Simon has been able to not only facilitate a break from study but help those who were affected through that period. For his students he has been able to help chase and push through extensions and ensured that students have access to the resources they need in order to complete their studies. One nomination stated that Simon had gone beyond his advising role to help them during their time at UEA.

PhD/Associate Tutor of the Year Award Shortlist
James Woods (CHE)

James was nominated due to his ability to make students feel they were all helped in the same way and that he was someone they could ask questions and know they would receive a full explanation in terms they could attend. Nominations stated that he spoke to students as if they were an equal, providing help in labs, helping students to grow their academic and practical lab abilities as well as helping with their wellbeing in an education setting.

Innovative Teaching Award Shortlist
Paul McDermott (PHA)

Paul was nominated by students due to this different approach to teaching. They highlighted that in their first lecture he used clips from matrix to explain his teaching style and since then consistently uploads lectures and interactive videos to prepare students for their lectures. He also is known to upload short videos to instagram in order to answer students questions - something which nominations showed students valued due to the difficulty of the module.

Inspirational Teaching Award Shortlist
Catherine Heywood (PHA)

Students nominated Catherine due to her ability to consistently deliver Pharmacy content that would typically be rather dull, in an exciting yet informative manner. Her lectures have been extremely valuable to students mostly due to her ability to link info to good practice. In addition she has provided students with support and spends time co-ordinating hospital placements.

Well done to all and good luck!