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Moe Miyaguchi visits UEA

We were very pleased to have welcomed Moe Miyaguchi in January 2014. The purpose of Moe's visit to the UK was to visit several British universities to learn what skills are required to support and facilitate Interprofessional Learning and how can those skills can be taught in Japan and to understand how IPL and health practice are provided in a rural area, like Norfolk .

Moe is a first year Ph.D. student at the School of International Health of the Graduate School of Medicine in the University of Tokyo, Japan. In the University of Tokyo, Moe is doing research on human resources for health in developing country. Her work is particularly on community health workers to improve people's health service access, and awareness about disease prevention and treatment in Nepal. She holds a Masters of Science in International Health from the Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Tokyo, Japan, and a Nursing degree from the St. Luke's college of Nursing, Japan. She has worked in the Respiratory and Infectious diseases ward in St. Luke's International Hospital in Japan for three years. She has ambition in both clinical and global health research geared to improve health status through community empowerment in developing countries.

Moe with members of the CIPP team. From left to right: Liz Davison, Moe Miyaguchi, Dr Susanne Lindqvist & Becky Baker