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Griffith University, Queensland

Associate Professor Shirley Morrissey, Deputy Head of the School of Psychology at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, visited the UK in the summer of 2010 to find out more about the delivery of interprofessional education.

Professor Morrissey (pictured second left with members of the CIPP team) spent some time with the CIPP team analysing the way interprofessional education is delivered at UEA. The CIPP team is regarded as the standard-bearer for interprofessional practice and has also hosted visiting academics from Norway and Japan.

Professor Morrissey commented, "I am very impressed with the way in which IPE has been progressed in the UK. Your programme at the University of East Anglia is fascinating and I really appreciate being able to look at it more closely."

Professor Morrissey has extended an invitation to members of the CIPP team to visit Griffith University in the future, and the Centre is looking forward to forging closer links with Australia.

University of Queensland

The photograph shows Professor Baker and Mrs Baker with members of the CIPP Team.

In August 2011, members of the CIPP Team were delighted to welcome Professor Peter Baker to the Centre.

Professor Baker, Head of the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland, was visiting Britain over the summer and contacted Dr Susanne Lindqvist, Centre Director, to arrange a 'flying visit' to CIPP to learn more about how Interprofessional Learning is delivered at UEA.

After his visit Professor Baker commented, "I learnt a good deal from you and your colleagues, and very greatly appreciate the time and effort you gave to meet with [me]".

The CIPP Team are looking forward to many more opportunities for sharing good practice in the field of Interprofessional Education with Professor Baker and his colleagues at the University of Queensland.