CBESS Members CBESS Members

Anders Poulsen Photo

Dr Anders Poulsen, Director of CBESSSchool of Economics

Bargaining, coordination, focal points, strategic commitment and communication; The nature and origin of conventions; Competition, contest, and tournament behaviour.

Sheheryar Banuri

Dr Sheheryar BanuriLaboratory DirectorSchool of Economics

Development economics, policy experiments, decision-making in public institutions, incentives and motivation, public economics, conflict.

Andrew Bayliss Photo

Dr Andrew BaylissSchool of Psychology

Social-cognitive processing, in particular interactions between attention, emotion and action in social contexts. Current research topics include: Face perception, 

Oana Borcan Photo

Dr Oana BorcanSchool of Economics

Political economy, development economics, applied microeconomics, policy experiments in corruption, voting, crime deterrence, institutions and incentives.


Dr Michael Brock, School of Economics

Behavioural and Environmental Economics



Dr Christa Brunnschweiler, School of Economics

Economic growth and development, resource economics, conflict studies.


Paul Clist Photo

Dr Paul ClistSchool of International Development

Experimental development economics: How the social context affects individual decision makers, especially in the domains of risk and trust.

Brett Day Photo

Dr Brett DaySchool of Environmental Sciences

Individual economic decision-making, non-market valuation, market demand modelling, microeconometrics.

Ben D'Exelle Photo

Prof Ben D'ExelleSchool of International Development

Behavioural development economics, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, investment behaviour, conflict, social networks, gender and collective action.

Piers Fleming Photo

Dr Piers FlemingSchool of Psychology

Individual differences in risk judgment and behaviour and contextual effects, with applications to climate change, digital media, health and social work.

David Hugh-Jones Photo

Dr David Hugh-JonesSchool of Economics

Economics of conflict; public economics.

Bereket Kebede

Prof Bereket KebedeSchool of International Development

Experimental development economics, intra-household economics, envy, public good games, fairness, personality.

Ben McQuillin Photo

Dr Ben McQuillinSchool of Economics

Game theory, social choice theory, and normative microeconomics; the formal representation of rights, expected and rightful outcomes from cooperation under externalities.

Dr Rose Meleady, School of Psychology

Social conflict within and between groups: Intergroup bias, cooperation, prosocial behaviour

Peter Moffatt Photo

Prof Peter MoffattSchool of Economics


Amrish Patel Photo

Dr Amrish PatelSchool of Economics

Psychological game theory, public good and reciprocity.

Odile Poulsen Photo

Dr Odile PoulsenSchool of Economics

Behavioural and experimental economics, especially issues of coordination and fairness


Dr Stefan Penczynski, School of Economics

Behvaioural Game Theory, Information Economics, Political Economy, Development Economics



Prof William Penny, School of Psychology

Bayesian Inference as applied to Brain Imaging and Systems Neuroscience

Maria Isabel Santana - Portrait

Dr Maria Isabel Santana, School of Economics

Development economics, behavioural economics, social networks

Charles Segar Photo

Dr Charles SegerSchool of Psychology

Social cognition, particularly three related areas: Group-level emotions, embodied cognition, implicit and explicit attitude change.

Pieter Serneels Photo

Dr Pieter SerneelsSchool of International Development

Development economics, behavioural and labour economics, applied econometrics; human resources, service delivery, conflict.

Stefania Sitzia Photo

Dr Stefania SitziaSchool of Economics

Experimental economics with particular attention to industrial organization issues and methodology.

Bob Sugden Photo

Prof Robert SugdenSchool of Economics

Theoretical, experimental and philosophical approaches to: welfare economics, social choice, choice under uncertainty, foundations of decision and game theory, methodology of economics, evolution of social conventions.

Theodore Turocy Photo

Prof Theodore L. Turocy, Past Director of CBESSSchool of Economics

Behavioural and computational game theory; auctions, contests, public goods.

Mr Bryan Usrey, Norwich Business School

Experimental consumer behaviour and psychology research with a focus on digital and environmental marketing, advertising, choice architecture, branding and the sharing economy. 

Arian Verschoor

Prof Arjan VerschoorSchool of International Development

Behavioural development economics; Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, poor farmers' investment behaviour, intra-household allocation processes.

Mengjie Wang Photo

Miss Mengjie WangSchool of Economics

Behavioural and experimental economics and consumer behaviour.

James Watson Photo

Dr James WatsonSchool of Economics

Macroeconomic experiments, expectations, monetary policy, inflation targeting, the term structure.

Jiwei Zheng Photo

Dr Jiwei ZhengSchool of Economics

Team reasoning, anchoring effects, complexity aversion, choice overload, status quo bias, inattention, focal points, misperception, energy conservation and shortlist heuristics.


Associate Members

Izzatine Abdul Aziz Photo

Miss Izzatina Abdul Aziz, School of Economics

Formation of social preferences and norms, behavioural development economics, social choice, cooperation.

Foley Sarah Portrait

Miss Sarah Foley, School of International Development

Development economist; Sub-Saharan Africa; intra-household economics; natural experiments seeking to investigate causes and consequences of cultural practices.

Miss Laura Forder, School of Psychology

Intergroup contact and conflict, intergroup relations and behavioural outcomes of negative contact experiences.

Ms Christine Gutekunst, School of International Development

Behavioral, development, environmental economics 

Paul Gorny Photo

Mr Paul GornySchool of Economics

Experimental and behavioural economics, contest theory and the interplay of identity and conflict. 


Mr Kevin Grubiak, School of Economics

Unethical behaviour, self- and social image concerns, self-serving biases, moral excuses, strategic information avoidance and lying aversion.


Miss Prachi Hejib, School of Economics

Behavioural Economics, Experimental economics and individual decision making.


Miss Emike NasamuSchool of Economics

Experimental and behavioural economics, applied microeconomics.

Borja Portrait

Mr Borja Perez-Viana

Development economics, policy experiments, investment behaviour, impact evaluation, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ms Marieke Vermue

Intergroup relations, intergroup contact, and cooperation and trust. Social cognitive processes and behavioural outcomes of intergroup relations.

External Associate Members

David Rojo Arjona Photo

Dr David Rojo ArjonaChapman University

General alternatives to the individual rational model in strategic settings and the analysis of the emergence of social phenomena (conventions).

David Cooper Photo

Prof David CooperFlorida State University

Experimental economics with applications to game theory, organizational economics and entrepreneurship.

Shaun Hargreaves Heap Photo

Prof Shaun Hargreaves HeapKing's College London

Social aspects of decision making, the economics of television and, in macroeconomics, the sources of wage inequality.

Dr Joo Young JeonUniversity of Bath

Other regarding/social behavior, risk attitudes, behavioural industrial organization.

Dr Subhasish Modak Chowdhury, University of Bath

Contest theory, industrial organisation, public economics, political economy, experimental economics.

Grischa Perino Photo

Prof Grischa PerinoUniversitรคt Hamburg

Environmental economics, comparison of regulatory instruments, motivation crowding.

Daniel Zizzo Photo

Prof Daniel John Zizzo, Newcastle University

Bounded rationality, models of expectation formation and behavioural macroeconomics, behavioural and cognitive game theory, cooperation, trust and social preferences.