CBESS is a partner in the Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS).  This is a cross-disciplinary group of researchers at the Universities of East Anglia, Nottingham and Warwick who work on developing and testing models of human behaviour and behavioural change, and draw out their implications for the formulation and evaluation of public policy.  NIBS has been funded by ESRC since 2013 and has established a reputation for world-class cross-disciplinary research in behavioural science. 


NIBS’s current research programme, funded by ESRC up to 2021, is ‘The Science of Consumer Behaviour’.  The aim is to develop realistic models of consumer behaviour and decision processes and to examine the implications of behavioural science for the operation and regulation of firms and markets.  UEA’s contribution to this programme focuses on how the decision processes of ‘behavioural’ consumers interact with features of the market environment and on the implications of these interactions for how markets should be regulated.  This is a collaboration between CBESS and the Centre for Competition Policy, drawing on our combined experience, both as academic practitioners and as participants in market regulation, in experimental economics, behavioural economics, industrial organisation, competition policy and consumer protection.