2018 Meetings 2018 Meetings

CBESS GROUP MEETINGS - All Seminars held in REG 3.15, 16:10 - 17:00

Autummn 2018

Date Name Institution Title
18/09/2018 Paul Clist UEA (Development) Justified Dishonesty and Lying Behaviour: The ‘Second Roll’ in Dice Experiments
25/09/2018 Anders Poulsen UEA (Economics) Taking contact
02/10/2018 Bob Sugden

UEA (Economics)

Designing an experiment to investigate consumer engagement
09/10/2018 Anders Poulsen UEA (Economics) Conventions
16/10/2018 Hangfei Guo UEA (NBS)

Green supply chain management: Insights from Newton fund researcher link workshop. 

23/10/2018 Sheheryar Banuri  UEA (ECO) Encouraging service delivery to the hard-to-serve: healthcare professionals, pecuniary incentives, and pro-poor motivation
30/10/2018 Maria Isabel Santana UEA (ECO) Scarcity, Mental Load and Parental Involvement: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Study in the Dominican Republic
06/11/2018 Michalis Drouvelis  Birmingham (Economics) TBA
13/11/2018 Stefan Penczynski UEA (ECO) Manipulating "we" - Common and individual interests in coordination games with focal points
20/11/2018 David Hugh-Jones UEA (ECO) Four or five bad research ideas
27/11/2018 Free    
4/12/2018 Christa Brunnschweiler  UEA (ECO) Can role models make information more relevant? Evidence from a survey experiment in Ghana


Spring 2018

Date Name Institution Title
16/01/18 Jiwei Zheng UEA Highlight common interest in coordination games with focal points - An experimental study
23/01/18 Kunal Sen Manchester “Do Politicians Keep Their Promises? Evidence from a Lab in the Field Experiment in India”
30/01/18 Free    
06/02/18 Anders Poulsen UEA The decision to initiate a negotiation (with Charles Seger and Marieke Vermue, PSY, UEA)
13/02/18 Christine Gutekunst  UEA Gender and bargaining: Evidence from an artefactual field experiment
20/02/18 Jeremy Clark Canterbury, NZ The applicability of microfinance to higher risk business ventures:  An experimental study
27/02/18 Izzatina Abdul Aziz UEA Representative Leadership: An Experimental Investigation
06/03/18 Bereket Kebede UEA Inequality and personality: A lab-in-the-field experiment
13/03/18 Mike Brock UEA

"Hey, Big Saver? Exploring the Best Conditions to Facilitate Energy-Conservation Behaviour".

20/03/18 Maria Isabel Santana UEA

Scarcity, Mental Load and Parental Involvement: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Study in the Dominican Republic.

17/04/18 Matteo Galizzi LSE Temporal stability, cross-validity, and external validity of experimental measures of risk preferences: evidence from a UK representative sample
24/04/18 Carsten de Dreu Leiden Games of Attack and Defense: Forms and Functions of (Inter)group Conflict
Friday 4 May    

Away Day - See Events Page

08/05/18 Pablo Branas Garza Middlesex and Universidad Loyola Does pre-play social interaction improve negotiation outcomes?
15/05/18 Christa Brunnschweiler UEA Why do doctors strike?
22/05/18 Michalis Drouvelis (rescheduled to autumn)    
29/05/18 Free    
05/06/18 Kevin Grubiak UEA Cancelled
12/06/18 Sheheryar Banuri UEA On the process of discrimination in healthcare: A field experiment with Pakistan’s Transgender community
19/06/18 Anders Poulsen UEA

Time pressure and the deadline effect in bargaining

26/06/18 Free    
10/07/18 Mike Brock UEA Gambling for the Greater Good: Experimental Testing of how Behavioural Biases could be used to Reduce Market Failures Tuesday
21/08/18 Sarah Foley UEA The Economics of Early Marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa: Understanding the Role of Age at First Marriage on Cooperation, Trust and Reciprocity between Spouses in Eastern Uganda: An Experimental Study of Intrahousehold Behaviour


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