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UEA Award Staff

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Dr Becky Ellis - Skills Award Officer

I’m Becky and I manage the UEA Award here at the University, working closely with my colleague Liam below and the UEA Award Ambassadors and Champions. I’ve been working in Further and Higher Education for close to 15 years in a variety of roles including as a lecturer and PhD supervisor at the University of Essex, and for the past two years in professional services. I’m also very proud to be a UEA alumna (Primary PGCE, 2013-14). I’m strongly committed to helping students get the best possible outcomes from their time at university and to help them make the most of their opportunities in Higher Education. I'm delighted to be a member of the AGCAS Skills Award Task Group which represents those responsible for co-ordinating institutional employability and personal development awards, as well as sharing good practice and formulating new research on existing Skills Award schemes. Please do contact myself or the team if you have any questions about the UEA Award. Contact Becky on


holding pic 133x§150 Liam Davison - Skills Award Assistant

Hi, my name is Liam Davison and I’m the Skills Award Assistant. As a UEA alumnus myself (2010-14), I have a great perspective on how the Award can help you during your time here at UEA and beyond, and I’m keen to assist you on your journey through the Award in whatever way I can. Contact Liam on


UEA Award Ambassadors

UEA Award Ambassadors and Champions: Peer Support

UEA Award students can also get e-mail and one-to-one support from a fellow student in their faculty/ school of study. Some questions ambassadors and champions are particularly able to help with include:

  • how to make a start on the Award
  • ideas of what to submit to the Award, particularly from your faculty/ school of study perspective
  • hints and tips on completing your Award
  • a range of frequently asked questions
  • support in knowing how to construct your Silver Award video

Below are the UEA Award Ambassadors and Champions and their areas of responsibility:


holding pic 133x§150 Daniel Peters - Humanities Faculty (HUM): HIS, PPL plus Norwich Business School (NBS) and the School of Economics (ECO)

I am a third year history undergraduate and first got involved with the Award to gain the certification for my CV. The Award highlighted weaknesses I never knew I had, and encouraged me to be far more ambitious. I’m now looking forward to helping more students receive these same benefits. Contact Daniel on


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 Amie Marie - Humanities Faculty (HUM): LDC, AMA, Institute of Humanities

Hello! I’m Amie, third year drama, and I initially joined the Award scheme as a career-based “thing to do” and have stayed involved as an Ambassador because I found that I was developing useful skills through the tasks set, inevitable networking, and I also enjoy chatting with the friendly Award team. I want to share my advice, help and mentor others, all while picking up more skills as the UEA Award expands. Contact Amie on


Xiao Chi Tu - Science Faculty (SCI): CMP, MTH, NAT, PHA plus Norwich Business School (NBS) and the School of Economics (ECO).

Hi, my name is Chi and I'm a third year Actuarial Science student. I've enjoyed completing the UEA Award as an ambassador so far as I’m having fun and creating memories while developing my key skills and attributes. I can’t wait to share my rewarding experience and help everyone with their progress in the Award! Contact Chi on



Sophie Power - Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty (FMH): HSC and MED

Hi, I’m Sophie! I’m a third year nurse, and ambassador for Med and HSC. I became an ambassador to support you guys with the Award, and to help make sense of where all of your achievements as MED and HSC students can fit in! Contact Sophie on


Isaac Law

Isaac Law: Social Sciences Faculty (SSF): NBS, ECO, EDU

Hello! I am a third year accounting and finance undergraduate. After sharing my experience with a large group of students, academics and employers in the UEA Award Ceremony in March, I enjoyed that a lot and decided to be an Award Champion. I then applied for and successfully became an Award Ambassador for the academic year 2017-18. I hope I can continue to help and share with all of you about my UEA Gold Award experience and the skills developed throughout my award journey. Contact Isaac on  


Alexandros Efstratiou: Social Sciences Faculty (SSF): LAW, PSY, DEV, SWK

Hello, my name is Alex and I am a second year Psychology student. I became an Award ambassador because of how massively the Award improved my job and career prospects, by helping me pinpoint exactly what employers are looking for. I would love to help anyone who is involved with the award reap these same benefits and utilize the skills that they may not have realized they had before, in order to become more employable and land the jobs they want. Contact Alex on

UEA Award Champions

holding pic 133x§150Shu Omi: School of International Development (DEV)

Hi, my name is Shu. I'm a third-year undergraduate majoring in International Development with Economics. The UEA Award helped me set goals and gave me more motivation to work harder towards the attainment of specific goals. As an UEA Award Champion, I'd also like to help other students fulfill their potential at UEA through the Award. Contact Shu on


Gemma Cassettari

Gemma Cassettari - School of Biological Sciences (BIO)

Hi, my name is Gemma and I'm a Master's by Research student in Bio Science. I completed the UEA Award as an undergraduate and now I'm looking forward to being an active champion for postgraduates and all students with a disability. The Award really helped me broaden my skills and develop my confidence, giving me a more competitive CV - so as a champion, I want to make sure everyone gets the most out of the Award and that your journey is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Contact Gemma on