Add fresh talent to your business by hosting an internship Add fresh talent to your business by hosting an internship

Got a project you can't get to or a skills gap you need to fill? Want to try someone out before taking them on yourself? The UEA Internship Programme is a great way to get extra support, allowing you to recruit student and graduate interns all year round.

Our dedicated team take care of the advertising, contracts and payroll - it really is that simple.

All of our advertised internship opportunities are paid, however our flexible programme means that you can recruit for up to a year meaning that the internships can last in line with your budget.

  • Example cost for 12 week, full-time internship = circa £3,572 plus VAT
  • Example cost for six month, full-time internship = circa £7,744 plus VAT

We offer a limited range of subsidies, particularly for SMEs. Get in touch to see if you're eligible.

The UEA Internship programme comes recommended by 99% of hosts and 97% of interns.

Graham, Clickers Archery"As a company we have always been supportive of schemes to give young people opportunities. For both parties we could see it was going to be a win-win situation."

Graham, Clickers Archery

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