Get specialist expert knowledge by hosting a PhD placement Get specialist expert knowledge by hosting a PhD placement

As with undergraduates, PhD placements can be part of the course the student is studying - giving you expert knowledge in a specific area. PhD placements can also take place after thesis submission or be distinct from the student's area of study, giving you a student with transferable skills that they can apply to any to any project you give them. There are several PhD programmes that feature an embedded placement opportunity:

  • BBSRC funded Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Partnership (NRP DTP) pools the resources of five world-class research institutions all situated in the NRP who collaborate to pursue multidisciplinary research. The DTP builds on collaboration to produce well rounded PhD students.
  • CHASE (Consortium for the Humanities and Arts South-east England) is a partnership of nine organisations that work collaboratively, undertaking interdisciplinary doctoral research across the Arts and Humanities.
  • EnvEast is an alliance of three universities and 10 research centres led by the University of East Anglia's School of Environmental Science. It addresses the challenges that society faces by training the next generation of Science and Business leaders in the multidisciplinary field of Environmental Science.

In addition, there are ways that PhD students funded in other ways can do placements.

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