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What is the UEA Internship Programme?

The UEA Internship Programme supports you to work with our students and graduates on projects in your business.  Many businesses use this programme to complete new projects and often to try staff out before taking them on permanently. 

Internships can last from a few weeks to a year, full or part time.  We can advertise for you or help you take on a UEA student or graduate you know already.

We can either take them on for you through UEA or support you to take them on yourselves.  In either case, there are often subsidies for qualifying businesses to help with the costs. Subsidies are subject to availability and rules depending on the funding source, so please speak to us as soon as possible if you would like to apply for one.

UEA Employed

  • UEA takes them on our payroll and we invoice for the costs.
  • We are a Living Wage employer, so the interns must be paid at least £9 per hour.  There is an additional £1 per hour for admin/NI etc. and VAT is applicable.
  • Exact costs depend on the duration of the internships. 

Sample costs:

  • 8 weeks full time = £3,090+VAT
  • 12 weeks full time = £4,635+VAT

Host Employed

  • You would take them on yourself through PAYE and pay them directly.
  • You pay at least the prevailing minimum wage, though we’d strongly encourage you to pay the Living Wage or higher to secure the best talent.
  • The costs depend on duration, salary and any on-costs you incur.

Contact us now on or 01603 593917 to find out how an intern could support your organisation. We are happy to talk through your requirements, as well as other ways to engage with UEA.

Graham, Clickers Archery"As a company we have always been supportive of schemes to give young people opportunities. For both parties we could see it was going to be a win-win situation."

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