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A novel approach for the delivery of bioactive ingredients to the skin with cosmetic and pharmaceutical application potential. This novel, nanomaterial-based delivery method has superior sensation and appearance qualities to current products, offers high flexibility in terms of the active ingredients that can be included, and is easily removed after usage. These sheets of nanofibrous material can be selectively paired with solutions containing dissolved bioactive ingredients (either aqueous or oil based).


  • Sensation properties – feels like skin as opposed to uncomfortable layer of stiff paper or cotton
  • Improved appearance – highly transparent
  • Flexible – moulds to the contours of the face or other topical surfaces
  • High flexibility regarding the dose and types of active ingredients that can be used
  • Minimised bioactive wastage
  • Improved delivery efficiency and therapeutic effectiveness
  • Rapid deposition of the active molecules onto the skin surface

Many cosmetic and pharmaceutical active ingredients delivered topically onto the skin are embedded in a matrix which slows down the release of the active ingredients leading to the actives having to be liberated from the matrix prior to reaching the skin surface. This leads to a significant amount of drug being trapped in the matrix causing a high level of active ingredient wastage. Local skin irritation is often reported by patients who are sensitive to adhesive materials contained in transdermal patches (containing non-degradable and environmentally unfriendly material).

The novel technology tested in this project overcomes these problems by highly efficiently absorbing the dissolved bioactives into nanofiber sheets which are made of safe and biocompatible materials and can be mass produced.


Mol. Pharmaceutics2016, 13 (1), 25–39. doi:10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.5b00359

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