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Couto, D., Niebergall, R., Liang, X., Buecherl, C., Sklenar, J., Macho, A., Ntoukakis, V., Derbyshire, P., Altenbach, D., MacLean, D., Robatzek, S., Uhrig, J., Menke, F., Zhou, J., Zipfel, C.


The Arabidopsis protein phosphatase PP2C38 negatively regulates the central immune kinase BIK1

in PLoS Pathogens


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Couto, D., Stransfeld, L., Arruabarrena, A., Zipfel, C., Lozano-Durán, R.


Broad application of a simple and affordable protocol for isolating plant RNA

in BMC Research Notes


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