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Nepal fundraising success in BIO

Tika Ram inspecting new tents in NepalCongratulations to Dr Diana Bell from UEA School of Biological Sciences, who along with the Wildlife Trust for India, IFAW and the World Land Trust, has raised the funds and arranged delivery of 100 tents to Nepal following the recent earthquakes. The tents will help the Department of Wildlife and National Parks provide accommodation for its wardens and guards after many of their homes and guard posts were destroyed. There was concern that the parks would be abandoned a the loss of these posts, which would substantially increase the risk of poaching.

The request for the provision of tents came from Tika Ram Adhikari, Director of the Department, who worked with Diana Bell, the late Bob James (formerly BIO) and Andrew Watkinson (School of Environmental Sciences) as an MSc student in Ecology at UEA.  He took that expertise back to Nepal to investigate how management of their National Parks was affecting mammal distribution, before going on to lead a successful campaign to halt the poaching of the Bengal tiger and the Indian one-horned rhinoceros.

Tika Ram inspecting new tents in Nepal

Dr Bell said, “The tents are important not only to protect against international poaching of rhinos, tigers and elephants but also to 

safeguard wildlife tourism which is one of the country’s greatest sources of income. It will take longer to get the trekking and mountain climbing economy back on its feet because of all the infrastructure that has been lost as well.”