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Frederik Byrn Køhlert (AMA) guest edits special issue of SubStance journal

Frederik Byrn Køhlert (American Studies) has guest edited a special issue of the journal SubStance (University of Wisconsin Press), examining the intersection of comics and anarchism.

At least since their modern inception in the late nineteenth century, comics have been deeply entwined with anti-authoritarian politics and resistance. As the various contributors to the special issue point out, comics have played (and continue to play) a particularly significant role in the history of anarchist thought, whether in the form of satirical cartoons aimed at deflating authority, rousing calls to arms, or visual histories portraying specific instances of anarchist organization. While comics thereby have served as a vehicle for the dissemination of anarchist ideologies, and, conversely, anarchism has provided the ideological fodder for much political cartooning, this special issue represents the first time that scholarly attention has been paid to this connection, and as such represents a major intervention into both fields of study.

In addition to a co-written introduction, Frederik contributes an article entitled “Comics, Form, and Anarchism,” which focuses on the overlap between formalist comics scholarship and anarchist theory, arguing that an understanding of the comics form is incomplete without a consideration of anarchism, and vice versa.

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