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The Faculty Research Bulletin celebrates the research achievements of colleagues, and publicises research projects, and the impact and benefits of our research.

Published quarterly, the Research Bulletin includes information about new research publications and exhibitions, research awards, fellowships, and prizes, as well as details about colleagues’ contributions to conferences and other events, at UEA and elsewhere.

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Exhibition & Fellowship Success for Christina Riggs (AMA)

Dr Christina Riggs (AMA) has been elected to a Two-Year Fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford, and her successful exhibition 'Photographing Tutankhamun' is currently on display at it's second venue, at Cambridge's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Inaugural Seminar: Faculty of Arts and Humanities - On the Future of Area Studies

On 10th July the first inaugural seminar on “On the Future of Area Studies” was held in the university within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The meeting was organised by the new Professor and Director of Area Studies at UEA, Susan Hodgett, and opened by the Associate Dean of Research for Arts and Humanities, Professor Claire Jowitt. Invitations went out across the faculty and beyond and an enthusiastic group of over twenty scholars came together for a very rewarding day.

New article by Richard Mills (HIS)

In his article for the online magazine of the History Workshop Journal, History Workshop Online (HWO), Richard Mills explores the role of football in establishing diplomatic ties between Tito’s Yugoslavia and the non-aligned nations of the Third World.

New Publication by Laura Joyce and Henry Sutton (LDC)

Domestic Noir: The New Face of 21st Century Crime Fiction (Palgrave Macmillan), Edited by Dr Laura Joyce and Henry Sutton.

This book represents the first serious consideration of the 'domestic noir' phenomenon and, by extension, the psychological thriller.

New Article by Sara Helen Binney (LDC)

Sara Helen Binney (LDC) introduces her article: "How ‘the Old Stories Persist’: Folklore in Literature after Postmodernism", recently published in C21 Literature.

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