Prof Geoffrey Shephard Prof Geoffrey Shephard

Geoffrey Shephard was appointed as Professor of Mathematics at the UEA in 1967 and is remembered by former students here as an accomplished and inspiring lecturer. Following his retirement in 1984, he taught as a Professorial Fellow for three years, before being appointed Emeritus Professor in 1987. He continued to be a regular visitor to the School of Mathematics since that time; it is only in the last few years that these visits became less frequent. 

Geoffrey was a prolific mathematician, writing more than 150 books and articles over his research career; his most recent article appeared just this year. His principal interests were in geometry in two, three and higher dimensions, in particular on polyhedra and tilings. Among his most famous results is the Shephard—Todd Theorem on reflection groups: though it dates from 1954, it has been cited 100 times in the last five years. He also had a long-standing and fruitful collaboration with Branko Grünbaum (University of Washington), most significantly resulting in the monograph "Tilings and Patterns” (1987), which remains a definitive reference for mathematicians and yet is intelligible to non-specialists. Geoffrey had a particular interest in making mathematics accessible to wider audiences and generously endowed a prize of the London Mathematical Society to this end: the prize is awarded for making a contribution to mathematics with a strong intuitive component which can be explained to those with little or no knowledge of university mathematics.

Provided by Professor Shaun Stevens, Head of School (MTH)