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Our residences are more than just a place to eat and sleep. They provide a unique social environment, and form an important part of University life.

Of course, this doesn't mean that your experience in residences won't present the odd challenge here and there. It is natural to be nervous when you first move in, but each residence has at least one Senior Resident to support you in the unlikely event that you do have any issues during your time in residences. We have prepared a few answers to questions we're asked a lot, which should help you to get the best out of your stay with us. 

If you have any further questions about accommodation before you arrive, don't hesitate to get in touch using the details in the 'Contact Us' tab to the left of this text.

When should I apply?

We anticipate the applications for September 2014 entry will be invited in March 2014.

Please take time to read through all the information and to consider your preferences. Please ensure that you have read the Terms and Conditions of the Licence before you complete the application form.

The application deadline for September 2014 entry is 11.59pm UK time on 31 July 2014.

What happens after I apply for a room?

UEA Accommodation will allocate your room when we have two pieces of information:

1. Your on-line Accommodation Preference Form (APF)

2. You have been accepted by UEA as a provisionally enrolled new student. That is to say when your prospective School of Studies at UEA is satisfied that you have met all of the entry criteria.

For most UK students this will be during the week after the A level results are published.

Your room offer will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided on your UEA Accommodation Preference Form. You will be given a few days, normally five, to accept (or reject) the room offer after which, if you have not responded to the room offer, it will be withdrawn and the room booking cancelled. We therefore strongly recommend that you check your e-mail account regularly to avoid disappointment. Please also ensure that you have added to your safe senders list (or equivalent).

It is your responsibility to check your e-mail account regularly including any 'Junk Mail' or any other relevant subfolders. Please ensure that you let us know if you change your e-mail address after submitting your APF.

For an overview of key dates and what happens next please see our timeline.

When you have decided on what type of room you would like and have read all of the relevant information please go to our 'Apply for a Room' pages.

When should I plan to arrive at UEA?

For international students, including those with EU fee status, the arrivals days are Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 September 2014. You will be able to collect your key from 10am until 8pm from the LCR (see Campus Map). However, we recommend that you plan to arrive before 5pm when all of the shops, banks and schools of studies are open.

UK students will be asked to arrive either on Saturday 20 or Sunday 21 September 2014 and your key will be available for collection between 10am and 5pm. Your arrival date will be confirmed in your room offer e-mail.

The arrival day for students joining UEA in January 2015 is Wednesday 07 January 2015.

What am I committing to?

On arrival you will be asked to sign a document called a Licence to Occupy and you will be legally committed to abiding by the Terms and Conditions which include paying for the room for the full licence period. Please note: that our standard licence is for a 38 week period which may will be slightly longer than the academic year to allow a settling in period. The full licence period, including the start and end dates, will be detailed on your room offer e-mail.

When will you tell me what room I've been allocated?

Your accommodation offer will be e-mailed to you shortly after your room has been allocated, and this happens after your student status has been confirmed. The majority of applicants will be allocated in the period between the end of August and the middle of September.

How do I pay for my room?

Your offer will set out the accommodation fees. Fees are payable in full, or in three instalments or by eight monthly direct debits, unless you are here for one semester. There is no damage deposit to pay and payment of accommodation fees is not required in advance. For more details about invoices and payments see the Living in Residences section.

What if I haven't got my preferred type of accommodation?

We aim to allocate all applicants a room within their top three choices, but due to limited availability, this is not always possible. If you are unhappy with your allocation, let us know before you arrive and we may be able to help. 

If you are unhappy with your room after you arrive, we may be able to offer a different room later in the semester. We will ask you to complete a room change form and will try to help if we can. 

If you have any problems with your accommodation, staff at the UEA Accommodation Office are always willing to help where possible.

UEA is my insurance choice University: should I still apply?

If UEA is your insurance choice you are not guaranteed accommodation but you should still apply for a room. We will endeavour to accommodate you.

Please visit the UEA Accommodation Guarantee pages for full details of the UEA Accommodation Guarantee

Can I have a look inside the Residences before I apply?

If you wish to do so please come to one of the UEA Open Days which feature a tour of Residences. If you are unable to attend one of the Open Days and you would like to look at a room in any of our Residences, your prospective School of Studies may be able to organise a tour. You should contact UEA's Admissions Team directly. 

What if I arrive in the UK outside of UEA Accommodation Office hours?

If you will be arriving in the UK late at night and will not be able to get to UEA within our opening hours, we recommend that you make arrangements for overnight accommodation. You can then arrive at UEA during office hours when the faculties, shops, catering and retail outlets are open.

Can I move in to my room early?

Unfortunately, we have a very tight turn-around time between students and conference delegates leaving accommodation after the vacation period and new students arriving in arrivals week. It is therefore unlikely that we will be able to allow you to move in to your room earlier than we have specified on your offer letter – however, if you have exceptional circumstances ask us in advance, we may be able to help.

Once I've signed my licence, does that mean I have to stay in Residences all year?

Signing your licence commits you to paying for your room for the full licence period. 

We allow a 7-day 'cooling off' period after the start of term within which you may still cancel your accommodation without any liability for rent for the remaining period of the contract. You will only be charged for the days up to when you hand back your keys if this is within 7 days.

Please refer to Paragraph 3 of the Terms and Conditions of the Licence to Occupy for full details.

This applies to new UEA students in the first tenancy period with UEA Accommodation arriving in September or January only.

Please note that you will be required to complete a 'Termination of Licence Form' and return it to the UEA Accommodation Office.

However, after this period you are committed to living in your room and paying the licence fee for the whole of the licence period.

Students on second and subsequent tenancy periods (or arriving at any other time of year) are committed to their contract from the time that they sign.

Can I put up posters in my room and flat?

You are welcome to decorate your room, but please read the Terms and Conditions of the Licence relating to posters and fabrics, soft furnishings and candles. You must make sure that you don't damage the walls or any other fixtures and fittings as the cost of repair or replacement will be passed on to you. Please note that you must not stick anything to your door, or anywhere in the communal areas.

Will my room or flat be cleaned for me?

As the licensee, it is your responsibility to keep both your room and the communal areas of your flat in a clean and tidy condition. To help you, your housekeeper will ensure that the floors and surfaces in the kitchens and communal facilities are cleaned twice weekly during term time. If you have a private shower or washbasin, this will also be cleaned once weekly, and your cleaner will make sure that a vacuum cleaner is available for you to use on request. Your waste bin will be emptied every weekday during semester time.

Will I need to arrange insurance for the belongings in my room?

All students will be automatically covered by the UEA block insurance scheme. Unless you wish to increase your personal cover you do not need to take any other action in relation to room insurance. Please visit the Endsleigh Insurance website to see the insurance covered provided.

The cost of the basic block insurance is covered by your rent.

Do I need a TV licence in my room?

If you want to watch live television on any device, you must purchase the relevant TV licence to avoid fines from TV Licensing.

Rather than bring a television, we recommend that you watch programmes via our Freewire service through your laptop or PC. Please visit the Freewire website for further information.

A colour TV licence currently costs £145.50 and a black and white licence is £49. They will remain at these rates for the next few years as the TV Licence fee has been frozen until 2017.

For further information please go to the TV Licensing website.

How do I cook using the combination microwave ovens in the kitchen?

Please follow these links for operating instructions:
Sharp Model R-890SLM
Sharp Model R-21ATP
Panasonic Model NNCT880MBPQ 
Panasonic Model NNCT870WBPQ

Panasonic Model NNCT890SBPQ
Panasonic Model NNCT562MBPQ

We have published a student cookbook using recipes from previous UEA students for cheap, nutritious meals that can be cooked using the facilities provided in residences - coming very soon to your kitchen!

Can I smoke in my room or flat?

No, all UEA residences are strictly non-smoking. It is important to note that this rule is enforced by fines imposed by the Student Disciplinary Officer and can eventually result in eviction from residences.
Can I have guests to stay in my room?

If you have a friend or member of your family visiting you, they can stay in your room with you for a maximum of three nights. You must get the permission of your Senior Resident or the Accommodation Office first, and only one person will be allowed to stay.  Guests must be over the age of 18.

What happens during vacations?

Your Accommodation licence is for the full academic year so you will not have to clear your room if you go away for Christmas or Easter. A limited number of rooms may be available during the summer vacation period.  Students wishing to stay in residences over the summer vacation should apply to the UEA Accommodation Office after Easter. 
Is there a damage deposit to pay?

There is no damage deposit to pay. However, you will be charged for any damage to your room not attributable to fair wear and tear. In the case of communal areas, all residents of a particular flat or house will be charged the cost of repair or replacement of damaged items where the damage is not due to fair wear and tear and no one admits responsibility. 

What if my accommodation fees are due but my student loan hasn't arrived?

If you're waiting for your loan or your next month's pay to come through, speak to our Finance department, or you could be liable for late fees.The Finance Team in the Dean of Students' Office may be able to help with a short term loan to tide you over until your loan arrives.
What kind of accommodation is provided for students with disabilities?

Our accommodation offers wheelchair accessible rooms with adapted wet-rooms in Britten House and Colman House. If you have any disability which affects your mobility, it is essential to talk to the Disability Coordinator at the Dean of Students’ Office to make sure we allocate the most appropriate room, and implement any necessary adaptations before your arrival. We also have rooms adapted for hearing impaired students, and students with severe allergies.

When you apply for accommodation please make sure you complete the disability information. If you have a medical condition which will affect your room allocation, please provide us with details in the disability/medical field.

This information will be shared in confidence with the Dean of Students’ Office to make sure we allocate the most appropriate room for you. 
What if I require a single sex flat?

If you would prefer not to live with members of the opposite sex for any reason, please let us know in advance. You can enter this information in the disability/medical field of the online form. We will try our best to help but we cannot guarantee same-sex accommodation.

What is UEA's Campus Snow and Ice Clearance Policy?
You can access information about snow and ice clearance arrangements on the Estates web site
Please direct any queries to

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