UEA's Living Lab – Volunteer or Academic Projects UEA's Living Lab – Volunteer or Academic Projects

We are developing the University of East Anglia campus as a site for applied teaching and research around sustainability and low carbon. We are looking for students interested in carrying out real-world projects – projects that will both help develop employability skills, and support UEA's eco aspirations.

Projects are carried out directly on and with the buildings, grounds and operations of the University.

The Living Lab provides a platform to develop and monitor innovative, sustainable practices and technologies through your projects in real world settings, giving you the edge in the workplace after you graduate.

What does it involve?

Projects can be part of a degree – such as a final year project, or a case study for a Masters or PhD. They can be used as part of the UEA Award, as part of evidence for your CV. Projects can also be because you're interested in carrying out your own project, and want to make a difference.

Steps to carrying out a Living Lab project

  1. To start the process, consider your ideas for undertaking a project (either chosen from a list from your lecturer, or your own project).
  2. You then meet with Catrin Darsley, UEA's Sustainable Development Manager, to discuss the project and your plan.
  3. If your project proposal is accepted, you get to take it forward! The Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering Department will be on hand to support you if needed, for example with helping to identify data holders or key contacts.
  4. Mid-way through, you'll have another chat with the Sustainable Development Manager and start to think about who might be interested in your findings after you complete your project.
  5. How can we make a difference with your project? Living Lab project managers get the chance to present their findings to key stakeholders, such as from Estates and participants in the research. Being able to articulate conclusions and recommendations is a key skill, and very useful for enabling further development of your project proposals.
  6. At the end of the project, you will need to submit a case study on your findings.


Contact Catrin Darsley, Sustainable Development Manager, to find out more:

Email: c.darsley@uea.ac.uk

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