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Gratitude and beating the blues

As we slide into the third week of January it is inevitable to feel the January Blues with the nippy weather and Christmas feeling now very much departed. As the focus for January was well-being I thought I would write briefly about an issue which is close to my heart which is the importance of showing gratitude to each other wherever possible. In the words of the Smiths “It takes strength to be gentle and kind”. We all have this strength in us but where we all get busy we get tunnel vision to those around us.

Showing gratitude to others is good for everyone. I think all too often we can become busy and we can make people feel like they are giving an invisible service to us and to make this appreciation visible makes a big difference to how we all feel.

There are small things we do in our office to lift the mood such as smiling at the postman, taking regular tea breaks or the office taking a moment to pause to enjoy panoramic views of the sun setting above the UEA Broad just after 4pm. Even if just for a second we can be released from feeling like a hamster on a never-ending wheel by spending a moment being grateful for something however small like a funny postcard or a lovely brew.

It is my new year’s resolution to try to show my gratitude to others more.

Thank you for reading.


Happy January Everyone!


About the author: Amie Stevens

Amie is the driving force behind the Accommodation Office’s Green Impact Team. From Kermit the Frog encouraging walks around the Broad for wellbeing, to organising a Thermal Thursday fun-jumper day that raised nearly £100 for Crisis at Christmas, Amie has some great ideas to inspire green and sustainable action at UEA.