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An early tea! (Cycle Trails Part II)

Neil Wilson, a member of the Estates Projects team, has been cycling to work over the last decade, and is sharing his tales from the trails...

Reepham rail cafe, on the Marriots Way trail Norwich

In my last blog I mentioned the joys of cycling along the Marriot Way. This is an old railway line that runs between Norwich and Aylsham, which has been turned into a track for jogger, walkers cyclists and horse riders. At Reepham the original station still exists and this has been converted into a very small but quaint coffee shop.

As I have said previously, I don’t use this as much as I probably should, generally because I like to cycle longer distances than the 6 miles by using this route. Visits to the Marriot Way then tend to be either where I cycle through the city and join the Marriot Way by Halfords at the bottom of Grapes Hill or when I am particularly tired and want a slow and easy cycle home.

Last night my mind set was such that I was feeling particularly tired and decided to opt for the easy cycle home along the Marriot Way. I must point out at this stage that the route takes you along the side of the river Wensum which means that, with summer well and truly here, the area is home to lots of wildlife.

As I approached the Marriot Way I actually felt really good and not as tired as I had first thought and made the decision to up the pace. I slowly stepped up the gears until I was thundering along at top speed. It didn’t take long for me to start breathing heavily and before I knew it my mouth was open and gasping for air at which point I swallowed a fly. Here is where the problems really began. Normally, if a fly happened to enter your mouth it gets immediately covered in saliva and you can remove it with a hearty spit. However this wee beasty flew straight to the back of my already dry throat and lodged itself there, clinging on for all its worth, never to be removed. This brought tears to my eyes and reduced me to a coughing and spluttering fool, whilst still travelling at my top speed.

The only saving grace is that there were no youths around with their camera/phones at the ready to capture this scene and upload it to you tube for the whole world to laugh at.

The moral of this story is when cycling along the Marriot Way, keep your mouth shut.


Your intrepid cycling correspondent Neil Wilson