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Small copper - butterfly from #ueawalkinglunch on UEA campus

You know when you go for a quick walk at lunchtime, maybe around the lake or up the river? It’s great isn’t it?

I do it too, usually with friends. There were many times that we observed things (birds, plants, fungus, dragonflies, butterflies, trees, fish…) and we didn’t know what they were. Being curious ex-scientists we used it as a chance to look them up and learn stuff. I admit, I know a bit about things but it’s great to share what you know and find out new things too. We’ve got to know a few experts here and there who are so generous with their knowledge too.

A couple of years ago a colleague in ENV suggested recording (not officially, just for fun) pictures and sightings from lunchtime wanders on Twitter and tagging them with #ueawalkinglunch.

Jelly ear - fungi from #ueawalkinglunch on UEA campus

I have been doing this off and on (more on than off) for a couple of years now, and it’s great to show off our wonderful campus and its many wildlife wonders. We’ve learned a lot. So many people take a walk at lunchtime, do you ever wonder what that bird is that is singing? What that butterfly is? Where there is something amazing to see on campus?

Share your 140 character lunchtime stroll and tag it on Twitter with #ueawalkinglunch. Put up a picture, ask a question or just bask in our amazing campus. Go on, you know you want too, the chiffchaffs are singing.

About the author, Robert Jenkins

Aconytes - flower biodiversity from #ueawalkinglunch on UEA campus

Dr Robert Jenkins is a researcher and lecturer at the Norwich Business School, UEA. He teaches statistics and is a core academic member of their Green Impact team.

Enthusiastic and passionate about mathematics and statistics, Robert has been at the forefront of teaching and learning innovation at UEA for many years. He has curated and created an extensive, interactive set of online maths resources to help students with their studies. He designed and ran workshops to help students re-engage with maths, employing a diverse array of pedagogical methods including blended, flipped and peer assisted learning.

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This article was submitted as part of the Norwich Business School's Green Impact Award. The NBS team has been pushing for their Silver Award, including counting steps to Land's End and giving out free plants across the School. Find out more and get a team involved: more info about Green Impact