Tue, 14 Sep 2010

Three independent reviews have found in favour of the integrity and honesty of the scientists in the Climatic Research Unit and there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that the world is warming and that humankind is having a marked effect on the rate of warming.

CRU's research points to conclusions on global warming which are replicated by separate data sets being analysed by independent researchers in other parts of the world. CRU's published outputs have been subject to expert peer review for more than three decades and remain open to scrutiny by anyone. 

Each of the reviews was independent of the University and one was conducted by a Committee of the House of Commons. We would observe that the GWPF Report appears to offer nothing new or previously unavailable and that it has failed to acknowledge the further exhaustive examination undertaken by the US Environmental Protection Agency (published 29 July 2010) which also found no evidence to support the allegations made against CRU.