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Sex and the chicken

Tue, 05 Apr 2005

Cuckoo tricks with chicks, cricket courtship and the reproductive success of the alpine newt. These are just a few of the topics up for discussion at an animal behaviour being held at UEA over the next two days.

The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) is a UK based academic society with nearly 2000 members.

''Meetings can take place anywhere in Europe so it's a great privilege for UEA to be hosting the annual spring conference,'' says event organiser Dr Matt Gage from the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation at UEA.

''Many of the talks are from junior researchers, but this year we are lucky enough to also have some really outstanding senior speakers.''

These include Professors Tim Clutton-Brock and Nick Davies, both Royal Society Fellows from Cambridge University, who are internationally renowned for their research on meerkats and cuckoos respectively.

Professor Manfred Milinski from Germany's Max Planck Institut will be explaining why sticklebacks are choosy about their partners and in a talk entitled Sex and the chicken, Dr Tom Pizzari, the ASAB Outstanding Young Investigator of 2005, will be talking about sperm competition in jungle fowl.