Fee Increases Fee Increases

Some fees are regulated (Home/EU undergraduate fees and PGCE fees).  These are regulated by the UK Government and will change in line with advice from them.

Tuition fees for unregulated students and courses will increase annually for a number of factors. 

The increase will not necessarily match the published rate of inflation due to their being a number of other factors that impact on the University’s costs. 

The fee rates listed are for the most recently published year of entry. 

Students undertaking courses that are greater than one year in length should assume that for future years of registration an annual fees increase will be applied which will not exceed 3%.  The base reference point for these increases will be the initial fee applicable on first registration.

If students choose to defer entry then the initial tuition fee will be that which applies to their actual first year of registration and you should note that this may be more than 3% higher than for the original year of entry.