Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Working in close partnership with colleagues from all four faculties and with the Union of UEA Students, Professor Neil Ward shapes the University's educational priorities and leads policy development that further enhances UEA's outstanding student experience.

He joined the University in 2008 as Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and became Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) in 2013. He is one of eight members of the Executive Team (UEA's senior management team) and reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor. He chairs the Effectiveness and Efficiency Committee, Learning and Teaching Committee and also sits on Council – the University's principal decision-making body.

Robert Dumolo (Lead) Robert Dumolo (Lead)

Procurement Manager

Robert has a career background in Procurement which has included positions as Senior Category Manager at Norfolk County Council and Commercial Adviser at Cefas. Robert joined the University in 2014 as Procurement Manager and became a member of the Effectiveness and Efficiency Committee. Robert’s knowledge of procurement and the economic benefits of tender exercises led him to assume the Lead of the Creating Headroom Project.

Michael Howes Michael Howes

Creating Headroom Project Administrator

Michael graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2014. Following his graduation he gained an internship with the Creating Headroom Project and after collaborating on several procurement projects also undertook an internship with the Procurement Department.

Following the internships he attained the full time Creating Headroom Project Administrator position and currently undertakes this role based in the Finance Department.

Jon Sharp Jon Sharp

John SharpHead of Learning and Teaching Services (Quality)

Jon has worked at UEA in a number of different administrative roles for over 18 years. He is the administrative lead for a range of student-facing functions such as Quality Assurance, academic appeals and complaints and is also a member of the Effectiveness and Efficiency Committee and spent time as the group's Secretary. Before joining UEA Jon worked in the field of accountancy and has a long standing interest and involvement in business improvement.

Angelina Bingley Angelina Bingley

Angelina BingleyDirector of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing

Angelina has 20 years' experience working in marketing roles in a variety of organisations, from publishing houses to a FTSE 100 company. Before coming to UEA in 2013, she worked at the University of Southampton where she was head of Strategic Marketing, with responsibility for both the UK and Malaysian campuses. She is now the Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing at UEA, ensuring a good amount of well qualified students come to the university each year.

Effectiveness and Efficiency Committee Membership Effectiveness and Efficiency Committee Membership

Prof Neil Ward, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Academic, VCO (Chair)

Robert Dumolo, Procurement Manager, FIN (Lead)

Jon Sharp, Head of LTS, LTS

Prof Phil Gilmartin, Dean, SCI           

Prof Cathie Carmichael, Professor of European History, HIS (HoS)

Prof Dylan Edwards, Professor of Cancer Studies, BIO

Prof Richard Harvey, Professor, CMP

Ian Dewing, NBS

Ian Callaghan, Director of Finance, Planning and Governance, PLN

Angelina Bingley, Director, ARM              

Jonathan Colam-French, Director, ISD       

Laura Mcgonagle, Senior Faculty Manager, SCI           

Eve Dewsnap, Senior Faculty Manager, SSF           

Mark Hitchcock, Senior Faculty Manager, FMH

Gavin Clarke, Senior Management Accountant, FIN            

Alison Clements, HR Manager, HR

Amanda Giles, Head of CSED, CSED

Richard Hipperson, Assistant Director, EBD

Louise Bohn, Assistant Head of Outreach, ARM            

Rachel Brown, Head of Space Management and Design, EBD

Julia Warner, Research and Enterprise Manager, REN

Richard Bettle, Head of Energy and Utilities, EBD

Michael Howes, Creating Headroom Project Administrator, FIN (Administrator)