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Explore how technology can help people with dementia

NEAt Bungalow

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is holding a free public event to demonstrate and discuss ways that technology may help people with dementia remain independent for longer. 

This interactive event, on 5 November, is part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s annual, nationwide Festival of Social Science and offers the chance to see – and try out - some of the latest innovations.

“We’ll demonstrate the assistive technology that’s available in our ‘bungalow lab’ at the University’s Norwich Electronic Assistive Technology (NEAT) Centre,” said Matthew Lariviere, the social researcher from UEA’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences who’s leading the event. “We also want people to bring along small household items they find useful so we can look at new ways of improving everyday life for people with dementia and their carers.

“Technology is transforming everyone’s lives, including people living with dementia. We want to understand the potential benefits but also weigh them up against the implications of using assistive technologies to provide care. For example, sensors can alert carers and social or healthcare professionals about falls or other incidents, but they also make what happens in the home more public.

“Our researchers will talk about the latest research and involve the audience in discussions about how assistive technology can be combined with commonly-used items to help people with dementia live independently in their own homes.

“We’re honoured to be part of this year’s Festival of Social Science, and this event - the only one in Norfolk and Suffolk - is an excellent opportunity for us to work with the public to find out more about how UEA’s social science and health research can help solve real-life problems.”

The event, “High-Tech Dementia – Transforming Care and Homes”, is free and will take place from 10am-4pm at Queen’s Building, UEA. Spaces are limited so advance registration is essential - email m.lariviere@uea.ac.uk or go to the event website. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. You can join the conversation on Twitter by using #DemTechUEA running up to the event and on the day.