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EU referendum result: Vice-Chancellor statement

In a message to staff and students, Vice-Chancellor Prof David Richardson said:

Today’s EU referendum result is not what I hoped for and is not what we at UEA campaigned for. For many in our university community the decision to leave the European Union will be a deeply disappointing and upsetting outcome.  

The fact remains, however, that the people of the UK have made their views known and now we need to consider the implications.  Our main concern at this time should be for those staff and students who are worried by the outcome of the referendum. I would like to reassure all of our staff and students from the family of EU nations that you are hugely valued and I will ensure that UEA remains a welcoming and supportive place to study and work.

Please bear in mind that as of today nothing material has changed. The process of leaving the EU will not happen overnight.  The Lisbon Treaty sets out a two year negotiation process between the UK and other Member States, during which time the terms of our exit from the European Union will be decided. 

For this reason there is no change to the immigration status of current and prospective EU students and staff or to our participation in EU programmes such as Erasmus and Horizon 2020. 

We will be working with Universities UK to get answers to the longer-term questions and to press our Government to ensure the UK remains a welcoming place for the brightest and the best staff and students from other EU countries.   

Yours sincerely,
Professor David Richardson

A 'Frequently Asked Questions' page has been created on the Portal, for staff and students with questions and concerns about the outcome of the referendum: https://portal.uea.ac.uk/web/hub/arm/internal-communications/eu-referendum-faqs